Link Crew Training

October 7th 2016, link crew leaders were taken down to Bear Creek high school in Barrie to attend training for the link crew events. Not only did we all learn about holding events but also about how we can help students everyday and impact their lives. Learning from the speaker Patrick’s experience we learned the best way to impact people and how his life was impacted. Its not just about being there at the events, its about being their everyday, to get them involved, know what’s going on, and to be a friend.

It was an irreplaceable experience and taught us so many great things to be able to bring back to GBDSS for this year and the future.


Grade 9 Dodge ball Tournament

October 3rd was our first grade 9 dodge ball tournament we held as a link crew event. Teams of grade 9’s and link crew leaders were made into six teams, Blue Cheese, Black Ravens, Green Giants, White Wolves, Red Rockets, and Yellow Stings. Each team got to play every team ending in a final tournament to determine the winner. And the winner was……. Blue Cheese!
Overall it was an amazing afternoon helping the bonds with link crew leaders with the grade 9’s.

Below are some images of all the action and fun.

Link Crew

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