Grade 8 Students Get a Taste of High School

On Tuesday, Feb. 21, Grade 8 students from Midland and Penetang got a taste of high school at Georgian Bay District Secondary School. Almost 300 students nine from Simcoe County Schools, in addition to a collection of students from other school boards, participated in the visit. The event, designed to help ease the transition from elementary to high school, was a huge success thanks to the help of the high school’s’ Link Crew leaders, plus the teachers and the Grade 8 students.

In the science department, the future Bears made hydrogen bottle rockets, performed chemical reactions, and experimented with robotics. Mackenzie Grigg, a Grade 8 from École Eléméntaire St. Louis, says, “Science was my favourite activity…We haven’t done anything like that before.” Meanwhile, in the music wing, the students tried their hand at an assortment of instruments, including flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, and percussion. In the state-of-the-art weight room, pull-ups, tire flips, assault bike, rope climbs, and sled push-pulls tested the Grade 8’s personal fitness, while group activities in the triple-gym encouraged teamwork. The students also enjoyed a free lunch provided by the high school, and received Bear-Wear T-shirts to take home with them.
Todd Reynolds, a Grade 7/8 teacher at Huron Park Public School believes Grade 8 day is important. “The more exposure [students] get – it mitigates their nerves,” he says. Grade 9 student Emma Roden, who helped with the science activities, says she remembers her Grade 8 day, and how much it helped her. “[I remember] visiting the different classrooms”,  she says, as well as meeting students she would be going to school with. Her advice to Grade 8 students? “Relax, and don’t stress about it – It’s not as bad as you think.”

Article By; Ariel Harker

Photos by; Kayla Cadeau and Ariel Harker


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